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Antique Leather Dressing
bringing leather back to life

Restore, Revitalise, Rejuvenate - Leather Care for Antique Leather

Antique Leather Dressing from Pecard USA

Pecard Leather Dressing - Trademark Registered 1915We are proud to offer Pecard Antique Leather Dressing for sale - this is an antique leather treatment which, we think, is better than anything else on the market, at any price. We can ship worldwide to all destinations outside of North America.

Pecard Leather Dressing is a safe, clean, leather care product which will help with restoration, revitalisation, rejuvenation, waterproofing and also cosmetically enhance the valuable leather items in any collection - whether it be militaria or whips. Pecard will soften and revitalise old leather, giving it a lasting suppleness and a shine that can be gently buffed (on non-flaking surfaces only), it will also greatly slow the further deterioration of articles that have areas which are cracking or flaking.

32oz tubs of Antique Leather DressingTwo leather suitcasesPecard Leather Dressing cannot perform miracles - so it won't restore deterioration that has resulted from lack of care and inappropriate treatment over the years; although, having said that, it can work wonders and revitalise any leather, old or new - why not try it and see for yourself? These customers did:-

Finally got round to treating my c. 1964 G-1 with Pecard’s Antique Leather Dressing. Will give it a few days to fully soak in and then buff it out and do the inside panels.

Followed your instructions to the letter, using very little of the stuff and rubbing it in with my hands. I gave it a few days to fully soak in and then buffed it out. The result is absolutely stunning: the jacket sucked the stuff up like it had spent the last 55+ years in the desert. Looks virtually like new, a sort of time capsule (it has no flaws and never had any patches applied).

If I keep doing this on a regular basis, it should last forever.

MAC - 20th November, 2022

I have finally worked my way to the bottom of a 32 oz tub of Pecard - it took years!

It is absolutely fantastic stuff, works wonders on new and old leather.

I have five leather jackets, a leather waistcoat, various belts and boots that I use Pecard on. It is superb for maintaining and rejuvenating leather!

Richard - 20th February, 2021

This Pecard product is superb! Only one application to my old flying jacket and it’s looking happier already!

Thank you for a great service, great product, at a great price.

I have recommended you to friends already.

Chris - 17th December, 2020

I bought a 32 oz tub of Pecard from you recently and this product is incredible. It is indeed the best product I've ever used on my leathers.

Nicolas - France - 18th September, 2020

Until a few years ago I drove an original British RAF wartime Willys Jeep - I treated all the leather belonging to it with Pecards. Now I am into pre-war classic Dutch 'Fongers' bicycles with a lot of leather parts. I need another 16 oz tub of Pecard Antique Leather Dressing.

You have the only effective Antique Leather Dressing on the market. A no-brainer really!

Met vriendelijke groet - Wouter van Munster - May 2020

The Pecard Antique Leather Conditioner that I bought from you has worked absolute wonders on my Irvin - the colour has completely restored, and the definition of the grain now looks excellent! Thanks again for your invaluable advice on that one.

Adam - 4th April, 2020

I'm very impressed! I used it on half of a pre WW2 brown Aviakit leather helmet and on half a black mid-70's Lewis motorcycle jacket, both were drying out somewhat, checking them today I could really see the difference, the Pecard had soaked in and left the leather very nice & supple.

Derek Harris - www.lewisleathers.com

Pecards has had the most amazing results with my old antique leather items, restores dried out discoloured pieces to their former glory, easy and safe to use its a miracle and a "must have" for serious collectors. Highly recommended!

Rick Williams
Spooners Aviation Collectables - Australia

It has worked a wonder and the WW2 Irvin jacket is in unbelievable condition now. I would recommend it to anyone as well as your excellent customer service and advice! Thanks once again and keep up the good work!

Stephen Cutler

I wish to let you know that the leather dressing I got from you has given my motorbike leathers a brand new life. My leathers are now nice and supple with a "just bought" appearance. Thank you, I will recommend this product to all my mates.

Many Thanks - ROB

Thanks very much, I'm delighted with the product (Antique Leather Dressing), will definitely buy again, I need to buy some more antique leather now! Very fast delivery also superb!

Richard - Lincolnshire

Hi, I applied the Pecard to my Irvin - well it looks like new - a fantastic product. I must say for speed of dispatch and communication your company has to be one of the best I've ever used - a true credit to u all - many, many thanx once again.

Graham - Ireland

Hi, I received the Antique Leather Dressing and have applied it to my 30yr old Irvin Flying Jacket with amazing results, the jacket is now so soft and supple, yet has retained that vintage look acquired over the 30 yrs. Fantastic product, I can't recommend it enough.. Thanks

Steve - Blandford - UK

A friend recommended Antique Leather Dressing to me and I am delighted with the results. It has worked wonders in respect of an antique revolver holster dated circa 1860. Excellent service too from Val.

Michael - UK

Hi Val, I applied the Pecards to my Irvin a couple of days ago, and checked it today .......... wow, what a difference. The jacket is soft & supple, albeit aged, and is once again in the same condition as when I bought it 18 months ago. I hadn't realised I needed to treat it every 6 months or so, but I will in future. I think the Pecards is my best low cost spend in a long time!!

Mike - Norfolk UK

The picture on this page

The larger suitcase is finished in beige canvas with leather trim. it is British Military Issue, with the Broad Arrow stamp, dated 1966. The small travel case, with a canvas and leather cover, is complete with original shipping stickers.

Photographs of leather www.oldnautibits.com

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